About Groovy Linen

Planning an event and not sure where to start?? We can help - we're the Linen Experts.

Groovy is owned and operated by Jamie & Paul who have been in the event and party industry for over 10 years. Our experience has given us the knowledge to help you create the perfect event - on any budget!

We believe that linen is one the most important factors, if not the most important factor, in creating a memorable event. Linen can transform a plain room into a sensational affair! Whether you are looking to add romance, elegance and sophistication or looking for chic, trendy and luxurious our linens can take you there. Once you've decided on a look and a favorite linen everything else will fall in to place from there. If you need help choosing and matching colours and/or creating a "look", meet with us and we can determine which pieces will work best with your vision.

We are excited to be Ottawa's Finest Linen Supplier. Groovy Linen strives to provide you with the best selection at an affordable price. To keep our inventory fresh and keep up with trends, we update our inventory on a yearly basis. We are passionate about our linen and are always in pursuit of incredible pieces.

At Groovy, quality linen is our specialty and exceptional customer service is our obsession. This attitude allows us to be a linen rental company set apart from the rest.

We look forward to helping you achieve your own breathtaking event!

"I can't believe that the wedding I have always dreamed of and thought I'd only ever see in magazines - is going to be mine! Groovy Linen has an amazing selection and it is so well priced that I knew I could do it. I always thought linens were too pricey but once I saw that it was a small fraction of my enitre wedding budget I had to have it!" ~Aimee MacDonald